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A safe, fun progression of drills to help you move.

I offer a remote personal training service dedicated to making movement accessible. No fancy tools, no big gyms, no unaffordable commitments. Just you and your space.

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I'm an NSCA-certified personal trainer, certified Movement Flow instructor and hand balancer. I love to help people overcome their fears about moving.

Fun fact: I'm also a lawyer. I wrote the bar exam, articled, and practiced law. Our passions can combine in unexpected ways. Students have told me that they find my analytical approach, calm demeanor and clear communication style effective for mastering difficult skills.

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I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me with what else you'd like to learn.

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Learn to walk again

Remember when the whole world was a playground for you?  Kids do handstands regardless of their strength, coordination, mobility or skill level. They just try it!   Somewhere our love for inversion often gets lost by the time we grow up. Let's rekindle that.

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A new way to think about moving.

Learn to bring a fluid calmness to creative combinations of 33 distinct movements.   Movement Flow is a system that has been approved by 4 of the top fitness boards in North America -- NASM, AFAA, ACE, and CANFITPRO.

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 From Greek kallos ‘beauty’ + sthenos ‘strength’

Gymnastic exercises to achieve both fitness and grace of movement. For example: muscle-ups, front and back levers,  dragon flags, nordic hamstring curls, the planche.

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Knowledgeable and attentive to individual needs and levels! Our class had a range of experience and Josh was great at offering drills & suggestions for each student. Fun & easy going, made for a relaxed but focused atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Kali Gillespie


I've been to many handstand classes prior to this one and Josh was able to introduce some new exercises and pointers that were not told to me yet. Josh has a really calm demeanor which makes learning from him so easy. There is no pressure during his classes and I think anyone at any level can benefit from these workshops. Excited for another. Thanks Josh!

Janel Halenko


I walked in on my feet, and I walked out on my hands.
10/10 would do again!

Joel Dietz


I have been trying to get a solid handstand for a few years without much success. After a personalized lesson from Josh with some great drills and form correction I am finally seeing positive progress! I highly recommend his class, especially if you have been trying to get that handstand for a while!

Kaitlin Koshurba


The class was very well rounded (and lots of great warmups for wrists, shoulders), various partner stretches and drills, and small enough that I got personalized exercises and feedback. After three years of a regular handstand practice, I got my full press a month after taking this class!

Mallory DeMille


Josh's handstand classes are fun and informative. The hands, wrists, and shoulders take a lot of load in many yoga poses, his classes have allowed me to gain awareness and strength in those areas. I can wholeheartedly recommend his class to yogis and handstanders of all levels!

Derek Wong

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